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About Us

You may have lot of queries, lets try to answer it first….

The firmware is free then why are you charging fees for premium plans?

The firmwares are absolutely free of cost. However the cloud storage spaces where the firmwares are served are not free so we have big expenses from our end. In order to meet those expenses we incur a small charge on our premium plans which has the maximum speed, however there is always the slow download served by the 3rd party servers which are free of cost.

So in short the premium fee is for the cloud bandwidth you use while downloading the firmware files and not for the actual file.

Are we Android or Samsung Partners?

No. We are in no way related to Android or Samsung Electronics.

Then who are we?

Android or Samsung doesn’t keep their old firmware versions on their servers for long because of the space practicality issues. They may need to build a separate data center for that which is a waste of time and money for them. Here we come into the picture. We have dedicated cloud storage spaces available across the globe to host these firmwares which will be served to you in lightning fast speed.

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